Universal Energy is a project about solutions. 47 years after we first put a man on the moon, the future we face is not the future we were supposed to be facing. 19 year old boys didn’t jump out of airplanes in WWII and run towards certain death so their children could live in a world dominated by political corruption, social division and environmental collapse. The people who made tremendous sacrifices throughout history didn’t do so simply to have the future they worked so hard for be denied by solvable problems that were ignored in favor of forsaken optimism and celebrated complacency.

The afflictions of our time are wrong. They belong in history books, not newspapers. We can have something better. We deserve something better. As we are all in this together, I believe that if we concentrate on what really, actually matters, we can show ourselves that we have more stake in our future than we realized, and that we can build it brighter than we had ever thought possible. And this project is an honest, earnest step towards proving that.

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