Universal Energy's site was unfortunately recently hacked via a brute-force attack on the server, and all materials and files were deleted - although they are all redundantly backed up offline. As this hack suggests a dedicated, intentional effort, the site will soon be rebuilt with stronger security. In the interim, please use the links below to read Universal Energy:

Universal Energy: Blueprints to Solve Resource Scarcity and Build a Better World

Universal Energy is a book that discusses how we can solve resource scarcity and climate change with advanced energy technology. It works by taking the best energy technologies we have available and designs them to work together from the ground up. By design, this increases the potential energy at our command while lowering the costs of energy generation - enabling us to produce unlimited resources safely and sustainably. With them, we can solve our most pressing problems while building our world to greater heights.

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To get in contact with Cameron MacPherson, the author and architect of Universal Energy, please email me at cameron@cameronmacpherson.com, or visit us on Facebook via the following link: https://www.facebook.com/universalenergy.io/